Public awarness and ecological education

As a part of the project, several activities were carried out in order to render the public aware of the importance of the establishment of the national park, as well as for the purpose of involving children from the neighboring towns and villages in activities focused on environment and park’s protection.

The main ways of implementing the project (which will carry on even after the closure of the project) are the following:

  • Mass media coverage (interviews in the papers, on the radio, television, documentaries, etc.)
  • Designing promotional materials (leaflets, flyers, posters, badges, maps, folders, flags, etc.)
  • Infrastructure (informational panels, plates, ecological trail etc.)
  • Website
  • Organizing miscellaneous events (camps, contests etc.)
  • Designing two editions of the Ecological Education Manual and the additional children magazine
  • Organizing ecological clubs in the schools where the manual is being taught
  • Presentations and participations at several local, national and international events (fairs, exhibitions, workshops, etc.)

One of the very important public awareness instruments will be the future Zarnesti Visitors Centre, which will shelter permanent exhibitions made by the park administration as well as temporary exhibitions (on various themes related to the biodiversity conservation, local traditions and customs, etc.). In addition, the future visitors centre will be fitted with a classroom for organizing meetings with pupils and visitors and a conference room for organizing national and international events related to the environment protection.Prietenii Craiului - Ziua Europeana a Parcurilor