Traditional architectural style promoting

Due to the increased pressure in the last years, related with constructions realization within and nearby Piatra Craiului National Park, which don’t fit both in the landscape and the traditional architectural style, an action meant to contribute to the extinction of this undesired phenomena has been started by the park administration. In this way, in 2003 and 2004, with the participation of students from the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture from Bucharest, two summer camps were organised, in order to asses the actual situation from the localities: Zarnesti, Magura, Pestera, Dambovicioara si Rucar. After these camps, a large material composed of: drawings, pictures, architectural samples etc. resulted.


Starting from the conclusions after the results analysis and with the support of external consultants, a "Guidelines for new constructions works within the PCNP on a sustainable development basis" is in process of elaboration. The main purpose of these guidelines is to provide information and advice to the persons who are about to build a new construction or rearrange an old one, in a manner that these investments are suitable for the landscape and keep the traditional architectural style on sustainable base.

With the participation of the local and county town planning commissions there will be included special mentions within the town planning regulations in order to support the above-mentioned aspects. At this stage, the study is envisaging only the villages located within the park boundaries (Magura and Pestera), the example should be replicated to the rest of the communities.

Casa traditionala Magura Casa traditionala Rucar