Community outreach programme
The Park Administration is not able to achieve its objectives without the support of and a tight relationship with the local communities surrounding the Park. In this respect, since the beginning of the project public meetings have been organised for promoting the idea of a new national park and to provide appropriate information related to the biodiversity conservation, the advantages created by the park presence and the inherent restrictions that occur once the protected area regime is instituted. There also representatives of the local communities within the Consultative Council, to represent their communities and to be part of the park management participative mechanism. Proiecte

The main objectives related with the community outreach activity are the following:

  • Natural resources sustainable use by the local people
  • Encouraging and promoting the local values (architecture, crafts, traditional activities)
  • Developing park friendly activities with communities benefi
  • Tax exception and other incentive promotion for the land owners within the Park area

Until now, these objectives have been materialised trough the following activities: