Biological monitoring
The achievements of protected areas management may be difficult to asses, since in Romania there it was present in the near past no established system for monitoring trends in biodiversity.

Due to the high biodiversity and the permanent threats on nature, and the 

continuous increase of human impact, it appears as very necessary to create a model for a unitary monitoring system, for all Romanian protected areas.

Development of the "Biodiversity Monitoring Plan for Piatra Craiului National Park" was carried out over a 4-year period, from 2001 to 2004 (2005). The initial monitoring system was developed on the basis of fieldwork, in three protected areas in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania: Piatra Craiului National Park, Retezat National Park and Vânatori-Neamt Natural Park, covered by Biodiversity Conservation Management in Romania Project (MCB).

The final output "Biodiversity Monitoring Plan for Piatra Craiului National Park" contains 43 monitoring protocols.

The design of this comprehensive natural resources monitoring system brought together basic botany, zoology, ecology, statistics, social and management sciences. The social and economic context appears to be very important in this situation. This monitoring system appears as a new approach under the present circumstances.

The objective of this biodiversity monitoring plan is to improve the information available for the managers of Piatra Craiului National Park through the regular collection of data on biological resources and their utilisation. This is focused on identifying trends in Piatra Craiului National Park’s biodiversity and to asses whether the management actions are successful.

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