Biological inventory
Prior to 2000, ecological and biodiversity research in Piatra Craiului was largely focussed on restricted study areas or on particular taxa. Although these studies were often of exceptional value and quality, it was most difficult to relate such information spatially to the different parts of the park in such a way that would be useful in informing the management planning for nature protection. Proiecte

The biological baseline survey, conducted by the park’s administration provided a comprehensive list of species and other information which demonstrate which areas are most important for biodiversity and provided a scientifically defensible basis for determining boundaries and internal zoning of the park.

By sampling in surrounding areas a better understanding of potential threats and disturbances has been obtained and the park administration ensured that shifts in land-use can be monitored.

Thus, the central aim of the survey was the creation of a rigorous and geographically comprehensive baseline for that biota that were present in the park, their abundance and distribution, and the composition of communities.

Some results of the Baseline survey have been published by the authors in a book entitled Research in Piatra Craiului National Park (vol. I, II, III) edited by the Park Administration.

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Inventarierea biologica