The "Biodiversity Conservation Management Project in Romania"
The "Biodiversity Conservation Management Project in Romania", (1999-2006), financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) trough the World Bank (WB) as implementing agency, the Romanian Government and the National Forest Administration (NFA) aims to establish effective, inter-sectoral, participatory planning, and sustainable management of natural ecosystems and associated landscape at three demonstration sites in the Carpathian mountains, and mechanisms to support replication of these activities at other priority conservation sites.

The overall project objective was represented by the biodiversity and ecological integrity conservation for forest and alpine meadows ecosystems from the Carpathians.

The project contains four main components:
1.The component will strengthen the National Framework for Biodiversity Conservation by participatory review and revision of the legal and regulatory framework for protected area management.
2.The component will develop models for protected areas and forest park management through establishing systems for planning and management of biodiversity at the three demonstration sites.
3.The component will build public support for biodiversity conservation through preparation and implementation of both national park level strategies and targeted action plans for raising the awareness of specific stakeholder groups and the general public about the importance of biodiversity conservation.
4.Project management and monitoring will establish a project coordination team at the national level to oversee and support implementation of all project activities in accordance with agreed monitor able indicators.

At the local level the project is aiming three demonstration sites in three protected areas with different conservation strategies and development opportunities (Piatra Craiului National Park, Retezat National Park and Vanatori Neamt Natural Park). The project have been supporting the infrastructure development of the parks, management authorities establishment and teams training, management and monitoring plans preparation, boundaries and internal zones delineation, communities outreach programmes, public awareness activities, environmental friendly activities financing and replication of these activities in other Romanian protected areas.

For the Piatra Craiului National Park the following main actions have been undertaken:

The total project financial dimension for Piatra Craiului was 2.2 millions US dollars, the financiers contributions being: (GEF)- 1.4 millions, The Romanian Government- 0.5 millions and NFA- 0.3 millions.The project closure date is September 2006.