Vegetation layers
The elevation layers formed by the vegetation are best observed due to the high declivity of the Piatra Craiului massif slopes which are covered, from the bottom to the ridge, by hay fields, forests, cliffs and alpine meadows.

The vegetation differentiation according to the altitude, depending on the climate and soil factors may be noted throughout the Piatra Craiului National Park territory. Inside the national park, the following vegetation levels are present:

The mountain level comprising of two sublevels: the middle mountain level (650-1100 m) characterized by the presence of beech tree forests, relatively low represented, of mixed beech tree - fir tree forests and mixed beech tree - spruce tree forests. At the lower edge of the level a wide belt of hay fields, installed on former alluvial cones of screes and the upper mountain level (1100-1500m), characterised by the presence of spruce three forests. In the deforested areas, the secondary meadows or the mountain weeds gradually install themselves.

The subalpine level 1500-1550 m) includes the juniper tree underwoods and Ericaceae. Within this level, a series of mountain weeds occur.

The alpine level, of lower alpine type (2100-2250 m) is only present in the highest peaks of the massif: Piscul Baciului, Ascutit, Timbalul Mare, etc.